The Freeze

There was this old fella who'd drink not for fun,
you'd see his old huddled frame sat cold in the sun.
He drank to keep warm or his blood would freeze up,
so his grand whiskey bottle fed his need through his cup.

Ever since birth he told of this tale,
how every morning was frozen 'till his first pint of ale.
Then that was followed quite swifly by a brandy or two,
or a brown bagged bottle of bourbon would do.

In the depths of Las Vegas where he was born long ago,
where the heat was extreme in that sunlit light show.
Even there in the desert engluffed in that stink,
this old fella was freezing through lack of a drink.

He drank all day, all night, every hour between,
had done for years, he knew only this theme.

Well you see he said -'the colds easy to please,
Cos the stronger the booze, the weaker the freeze'
So after a botttle of beer or two or three, its a shot for the cold
...and a double for me.